Official Partnership Announcement – The Roc Triathlon Series

“Taking on THE ROC and the country’s highest mountains mean your feet are inevitably going to take a hammering. So, what better brand to announce as official partner of THE ROC Race Series 2022 than BAREFOOTSCIENCE™!

Our Feet were designed to be bare, to feel the ground and help us react to changes underfoot. Barefoot Science insoles replicate that positive effect from within almost any shoe, stimulating and strengthening the feet on every step.

BFS insoles stimulate the 200,000 proprioceptive nerves in each foot, helping them to better sense the ground on foot strike and propulsion – improving balance and stability as you move.

This patented in-shoe training system progressively retrains and strengthens the 20 small muscles in each foot, effectively relieving the pain of conditions like shin splints, plantar fasciitis and ‘runners knee’ while improving balance and increasing local circulation…helping your body achieve better running efficiency and performance.

We’re huge fans of innovative brands like BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ and wholeheartedly welcome the performance enhancing benefits of their insoles and knowledge for ROC athletes to experience this year.”

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is an in-shoe system which brings progressive, strengthening exercise to the feet while wearing shoes, replicating the positive effect of walking barefoot in the sand or grass. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ successfully addresses the cause of foot-related pain – rather than bracing the feet or accommodating the symptoms.

The insole of choice – developed into the care systems of globally respected medical practitioners, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Olympic & Pro Athletes, Military Personnel and various people of all ages who suffer with foot to shoulder problems, directly related to a dysfunctional foundation.

In today’s world, almost every step we take is with some kind of footwear. We start wearing shoes before we can even walk! Yet, our feet were designed to be bare. To achieve the barefoot effect for your feet in our “shoes required” world, you need BAREFOOTSCIENCE™.

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