Olympic swimming star Hector Pardoe aims to shatter records in epic Windermere challenge

The Chillswim Windermere end-to-end event, on September 2, sees Welsh born swimmer, Hector Pardoe, in this challenging record attempt.

In a remarkable display of aquatic prowess, Team GB Olympian and Britain’s number one open water swimmer, Hector Pardoe is set to take on the challenge of a lifetime as he aims to swim the entire 10.5 mile length of Windermere in record-breaking time. The current fastest known time stands at 3h 35min, set by George Taplin in 2021. This audacious feat is part of the highly-anticipated Chillswim Windermere end-to-end event, where Pardoe’s effort is proudly sponsored by aquatic performance gear brand, Aquasphere.

The Chillswim Windermere end-to-end event is a celebration of human determination and the raw power of nature. Stretching over 10.5 miles, Windermere is not only England’s largest lake but also one of its most iconic open water swimming destinations. Renowned for its unpredictable conditions, the lake presents a formidable challenge that only the most elite swimmers dare to conquer.

Hector Pardoe, known for his exceptional endurance and indomitable spirit, is no stranger to pushing his limits. Having already achieved multiple accolades in the world of open water swimming – including a 10th place finish in the 10km marathon swim event at the recent World Championships in Japan – Pardoe’s decision to tackle the length of Windermere speaks to his unwavering commitment to the sport and his “Be Limitless” attitude. With Aquasphere as his sponsor, Pardoe is equipped with cutting-edge eyewear designed to enhance his performance and provide optimal visibility and comfort during this monumental record attempt.

On what it takes to successfully attempt such a challenge, Hector said: ” I have been wanting to swim the iconic Windermere for a while now and the perfect time has come this year. I was disappointed poor weather conditions changed previous plans but I’m fully focused and determined to go for the record. This is not just a personal goal, but also an opportunity to inspire others to push their limits.

“Having been a vegetarian all my life, I’m passionate about preserving the environment in which we live, breathe and swim, and there’s no better place to promote this message than Windermere.”

“Aquasphere is thrilled to support Hector Pardoe in his record-breaking attempt to conquer Windermere,” said Nick Holmes, Country Manager of Aquasphere. “Our mission has always been to empower swimmers to achieve their best, and Hector’s determination and talent perfectly embody the values we hold dear. We are confident that our innovative eyewear will play a crucial role in helping him achieve this remarkable feat.”

Hector Pardoe’s swim is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 2, and the event is poised to attract the attention of water sports enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and supporters from around the world.

For his record attempt, Hector is hoping to hold an average pace of 1min 11sec per 100m – four lengths of the average swimming pool – throughout the whole swim which will be about 680 lengths of a 25m pool.

As he navigates the open waters of Windermere, Pardoe’s journey will serve as a testament to human strength and the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of open water swimming. He will also be raising funds for the Lake District Foundation who fund projects to sustain its spectacular landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage.

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