On launch new performance running gear range

SIX years after openings its doors, one million people worldwide are running in On shoes.

As an addition to its running shoe range, the Swiss sports company is now launching its own performance running gear for men and women.
David Allemann, co-founder of On, said: “A lot of runners kept asking us, ‘when can I get On apparel to go with my On shoes?’.

“Yet it took us three years to figure out how we wanted to develop apparel differently.

“We decided not to do another running collection that keeps changing every season. Instead, we created the absolute essentials.

“Our favourite running jacket. Our favourite running shorts and tights. And our favourite t-shirt.”
But how does a running jacket become your favourite one? So they thought about their shoes and how runners keep saying that they love their Ons because they are effortless. “It takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless.” became their guiding thought.
They started to design running gear that has to out perform while looking relaxed. The On Essentials feature very light and stretchable fabrics to let your body move freely.

They offer protection where and when you need it. Not too much, not too little.

Intelligent details beyond gimmicks make a difference. And the design of the On Essentials can move between different worlds.

In the end, your favourite piece is something you don’t even notice anymore, until it is gone. 
There are six On Essentials for men and eight for women: a jacket, two shirts, a long sleeve shirt, a short, a running pant, a tight and a tank top.

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