One-of-a-kind long-distance hiking event HIGHLANDER is coming to the Lake District

HIGHLANDER, a global long-distance hiking event series with 15 countries on its global map, has announced the launch of a new event in it’s roster for the Lake District, UK.

HIGHLANDER was founded in 2017 when friends – Jurica Barac, Igor Mlinarevic and Andrej Mlinarevic – decided to share their love and passion for long-distance hiking with Croatian hikers, hiker enthusiasts and nature lovers. From there, this phenomenon grew to become what it is today. HIGHLANDER’s potential was also seen and recognised by the world’s leading event brand, the Spartan Race, which became a strategic partner in 2021.

There’s no better location to become a HIGHLANDER than in this stunning national park in the north west of England that is crowned with the UNESCO World Heritage status. The UK’s second largest National Park will become HIGHLANDER’s home from the 22nd to the 26th of June 2022. Hikers who are ready to test their physical limits, while living in perfect harmony with nature for a few days, can choose between three different distance formats: HIGHLANDER (100 km), HIGHLANDER (50 km), HIGHLANDER (25 km) which will lead them through Patterdale, Thirlmere, Langdale and Borrowdale.

With its breathtaking vistas, lush valleys, and sunlit passes, the Lake District will pull on the heartstrings of each and every HIGHLANDER participant during their Adventure of a Lifetime. Since the geological character of the Lake District took over 2 million years to form, every bend in the trail will become a fresh celebration of the region’s natural splendour.
The most important mountaineering event in Croatia has long since exceeded its borders. Therefore, nature lovers from around the world can explore some of the most amazing and untouched places on Earth. Because every HIGHLANDER event has its own iconic location to appeal to modern day nomads – from expansive deserts to snowy mountain tops, sandy dunes to lakes and pastures everyone can find their perfect hiking challenge and format to become a HIGHLANDER.

How a person starts their day determines their future. Instead of starting it by scrolling through social media, looking at photos of stunning mountains, and hiking trips that others embark on, start it by experiencing it all for yourself this June in the Lake District National Park.

‘’Our vision and main goal is to motivate people to go hiking, spend more time in nature and thus change themselves for the better — both mentally and physically,’’ said HIGHLANDER Adventure CEO and co-founder Jurica Barac. ‘’That is why we are beyond happy and proud that HIGHLANDER is finally coming to England, a country that embraces nature and how the great outdoors can benefit your health and lifestyle. That is why we are sure the long-distance hiking event series HIGHLANDER will be a big hit.”

HIGHLANDER truly is a one-of-a-kind experience. During the HIGHLANDER hiking journey, each participant connects with nature, breathes fresh air, and disconnects from the ordinary world overcrowded with technology to start a fresh look at life from a different perspective. The trail will test participants’ endurance, but in order to become a HIGHLANDER they will need to conquer it, making new friends and experiencing a sensory exploration along the way. Since HIGHLANDER is not a race and there are no winners or losers, with participants — even perfect strangers — cheering each other on.

“HIGHLANDER is a long-distance hiking adventure open to anyone who wants to push their limits while learning about sustainable living,” Barac added. “So I invite everyone to embark on this hiking journey with us from the 22nd of June and, start making a change with us.’’

In 2021, Spartan, the world’s leading endurance sports and extreme wellness brand, recognised HIGHLANDER’s potential as a strategic partner, paving the way to bring this unique, long-distance adventure-hiking event to America and the United Kingdom.

The vision, mission and values shared by these two brands come from the same core: building mental and physical toughness to bring about positive lifestyle changes.

”Spartan’s partnership with HIGHLANDER allows us to encourage even more people around the world to participate in physically demanding activities that they think are beyond their reach,” said Spartan Race founder and CEO Joe De Sena. “This is about finding our limits and then pushing past them.”

HIGHLANDER has also partnered with Mind Over Mountains, the mental health charity offering immediate and accessible support through therapeutic outdoor events. Mind Over Mountains believe this time in nature, coupled with professional support is a powerful way to build resilience, talk without pressure and re-find stillness. Restoring mental health, naturally.
Every HIGHLANDER event has its own unique and iconic location. Event locations include the USA, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Montenegro, Morocco, North Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia and the UAE.

Participants are encouraged to put down their smartphones and fully immerse themselves in nature, while joining the international HIGHLANDER community of hikers.

Early bird registration for HIGHLANDER Lake District is open, but space is limited. Learn more at:

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