Optimum Nutrition believes ‘There’s more of you in you’

Optimum Nutrition has launched its new global communications platform ‘There’s more of you in you’ in over 90 markets around the world.

The platform brings to life the idea that we all have more inside us and Optimum Nutrition supports motivated athletes and fitness enthusiasts as they work to unlock their potential.

Optimum Nutrition’s credentials have been helping athletes of all kinds for over 35 years. From Olympians and Paralympians to footballers, cricketers, physique athletes, personal trainers, and everyone in between, it has been the performance nutrition of choice for those that need the very best from their bodies. The work features a range of these athletes, from Optimum Nutrition ambassadors to everyday performers looking to get a little more from their workout.

“Optimum Nutrition has been trusted for over 35 years,” said Colin Westcott-Pitt, Global Chief Brand Officer at Glanbia Performance Nutrition. “We’ve always believed that elite athletes and everyday people can do extraordinary things, and we’re proud to support more people in achieving their goals than any other brand in our category.”

The work was developed in partnership with creative consultancy Cahill&Partners, who have been working with Optimum Nutrition since 2017. “When it comes to working out, absolutely everyone has a little more to give,” said Patrick Cahill, Founder and Creative Director at Cahill&Partners. “This work boils down a complex category offering into a simple takeaway: we all have more inside us. An extra set. Another lap. You just need to know how to find it.”

The platform launches with a multi-channel global launch campaign across digital TV, social, print, and POS channels. This will be followed by specific local market executions, starting with the UK campaign extension ‘There’s more in all of us’, showcasing diverse, high-profile UK athletes reaching their unique potential.

View the UK spot here and the global spot here.

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