Origin teams up with Excelsior Development Technologies for advanced fitness training

Origin Fitness has joined forces with Excelsior Development Technologies so that customers can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver advanced fitness training to members.

Excelsior provides memorable and motivating learning and development experiences and has a wealth of expertise from the health and fitness industry globally.

Providing consistent, safe and secure learning environments both face to face and digitally, Excelsior works with leisure trusts, health club operators, and fitness equipment manufacturers.

As one of the UK’s leading fitness solution providers, Origin is delighted to be able to provide its customers with a wide range of educational training opportunities and events.

Chris Rock, Co-Founder at Excelsior said: “For businesses looking to advance and up-skill their teams, it is key to deliver learner centric education and training. Excelsior is therefore delighted to be a part of Origin’s all-inclusive customer experience, delivering both face-to-face workshops and digital courses as required.”

Through the partnership, Origin and Excelsior will be able to offer face-to-face training as well as digital tools across a variety of topics including class training, wearable technology integration, brand development, leadership and culture.

Founder and MD of Origin Fitness, Paul Bodger, recently said: “This is a significant opportunity for Origin to enhance our level of support and ensure that all of our customers have the right resources available to succeed in their goals; from a PT Studio designed for 1-2-1 sessions to those looking to expand nationally.”

Training will be offered to all existing and new customers going forward as part of Origin’s ongoing commitment to helping customers grow their businesses sustainably through 2022.

For more information on training courses available, visit, or call 0333 2000 750.

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