Osprey Europe launches Selective Distribution Programme

Leading pack specialist Osprey Europe is launching a Selective Distribution Programme, which will ensure that every European retailer selling Osprey products lives up to the brand values and principles as well as safeguarding consumers.

The Selective Distribution Programme means that only authorised retailers can sell Osprey products through their authorised brick and mortar stores, websites and/or platforms. This will enable Osprey to ensure that every customer receives the optimum experience that sets Osprey products apart.

Through years of careful cultivation, Osprey has created and maintains a strong and secure retail network around Europe and as a result, the Selective Distribution Programme will see most existing channels remain in place.

Jonathan Petty, Managing Director, said: “Our aim is to preserve and protect the investments made by these retailers in the consumer experience by ensuring that only retailers who make similar investments and are committed to customer service form part of our retail network.

“Osprey is a brand that prides itself on designing high quality and premium products. We are always looking for ways of improving our products, as well as our processes and distribution systems, all for the benefit of our customers.”

The Selective Distribution Programme will be rolled out from January 2020 in the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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