PADEL1969 agree partnership deal with UK operator Soul Padel

Ambitious new padel operator Soul Padel has agreed a deal with PADEL1969 to provide state-of-the-art courts for its future developments in north-west England.

PADEL1969, who secured the contract after a competitive tender, will also assist Soul Padel in an advisory capacity as it looks to establish a series of centres across the region, including a centre of excellence.

Soul Padel, which this month announced its intentions to open community-focused padel centres, has been founded by Wigan businessmen Mark Hewlett and Paul Lloyd.

Hewlett is currently exploring potential sites across the area and has identified several locations to invest in developing a padel centre.

He said: “We are excited to partner with PADEL1969 and look forward to developing a partnership that delivers the highest quality padel courts available combined with a community focused playing experience, encouraging our philosophy of competitive socialising.

“Our mission is to establish vibrant indoor playing centres and connect with communities and encourage everyone to play padel.”

PADEL1969 has 25 years’ experience in the sport and has delivered padel courts in Finland, Sweden, France and Africa. It will commence its first UK installation, in Scotland, in the first quarter of this year and expects to deliver more UK projects.

Atte Suominen, CEO of PADEL1969, said: “We’re delighted to start this journey together with Soul Padel and their professional team. With Soul Padel we’ll use our newly fine-tuned and developed Premium Panoramic Court model.

“Our collaboration with Soul Padel extends beyond the court, as we will share our extensive experience and insights to contribute to their continued success.

“We will provide Soul Padel with our state-of-the-art premium padel courts, which will elevate their facilities to a new standard of excellence.

“Moreover, our advisory services aim to enhance the padel experience, drawing from over 25 years of expertise in the industry.

“We believe in fostering partnerships that not only deliver outstanding products but also provide meaningful support and guidance. Together we are set to create a lasting impact in the world of padel in the UK.”

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