Paralympics should inspire young people, says Youth Sport Trust

After the magnificent sporting achievements at the London 2012 Olympic Games, it is now the turn of the Paralympics to take centre stage as the world’s best disability athletes prepare for the biggest competition on earth.

While the world will look on in admiration at this incredible celebration of sport, it is also an opportunity for young disabled people to be inspired by the sporting achievements they will witness.

Alison Oliver, director of sport at the Youth Sport Trust, believes the Games present an opportunity to highlight the importance of disability sport in schools:

“The Paralympics will undoubtedly provide a real boost for disability sport in this country and show that having a disability isn’t a barrier for those aiming to reach the very pinnacle of sport.

“What I hope the Games will do is shine a light on the importance of getting the delivery of sport right for young disabled people.

“At present, PE is often delivered very well in special schools, but many teachers in mainstream state schools don’t have the confidence and expertise to teach high quality PE to young disabled people.

“Teachers need greater support in understanding how to deliver sport that is inclusive to all young people.

“We believe schools should get greater guidance and training in how they can adapt sports to make them inclusive.

“I’m sure we will all admire the skill and ability of the competitors at the Paralympics.

“London 2012 will inspire a generation and we must ensure that young people with disabilities have every opportunity to access sport and enjoy the many benefits it can bring.”

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