Parkwood Leisure is joining the ever-growing list of Official Leisure Partners of Badminton England

Parkwood Leisure is joining the ever-growing list of Official Leisure Partners of Badminton England as part of the Discover Badminton strategy.

The latest move will see badminton carry a priority sport status within Parkwood Leisure’s diverse portfolio of leisure venues across England, increasing the availability of court time for the near million monthly recreational players and Badminton England members.

Whilst the Official Leisure Partner arrangement with a national remit is new for 2018, Badminton England and Parkwood Leisure have had a long-standing working relationship.

The four-year agreement, running through to 2022, will also benefit the thriving badminton club network and local league organisers through enhanced block booking terms and access. Parkwood Leisure can gain support by increasing opportunities for all abilities and demographics within the communities they are based in, a value they are very passionate about.

Julia Strong, Director of Development and Competition for Badminton England, said: “Working closely with key national leisure operators is so important to our future growth and success. Supporting the development of our sport at grass roots level is fundamental to our new strategy, Discover Badminton, and the partnership with Parkwood Leisure is a significant move forward for English badminton; for clubs, players, members of both organisations and communities.”

“With almost one million adults playing badminton monthly across England we want to firmly establish badminton as the nation’s favourite racket sport and making it more accessible is pivotal to success. Through our partnership with Parkwood Leisure we will continue to ensure high quality court time delivery for those who have a close affinity to the sport as well as inspiring those who are discovering badminton all over again or for the first time.”

Ian King, National Partnerships Lead for Parkwood Leisure, said: “We are proud to be working with Badminton England to help drive participation across all age and demographic groups. This new agreement has not only cemented our relationship that has been in place for a number of years but also gives the opportunity to develop some new and exciting badminton products into our diverse leisure centre programmes.”

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