Peloton Commercial’s new Precor StairClimber turns small steps into giant leaps

Peloton Commercial has welcomed a brand new Precor StairClimber to its premium fitness equipment portfolio.

The Precor StairClimber is designed to cater for exercisers of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels with thoughtful, easy-to-negotiate step-on and step-off platforms, its trade-marked Dynamic Step Control – which creates a consistent step for each exerciser’s size and speed – and an impressive range of between 20 and 165 steps per minute.

It also has a unique design feature that protects both the machine and users’ personal belongings. Anything dropped through a gap in the steps falls onto the ‘lost item slide’ and is returned to the user at the foot of the StairClimber, rather than getting lost in the workings of the machine.

Part of Precor’s 800 line of products, the StairClimber is available in both Black Pearl or Storm Grey colourways to match Precor’s other cardio and strength equipment.

The ever-dependable StairClimber, which is the only US-made StairClimber, has been three years in development. It was put through its paces with testing beyond industry standards, negotiating 30 different assessments and more than 10,000 hours of lab and field trials pre launch to ensure its durable, high-performance components withstand the test of time.

Scott Trinder, Peloton Commercial UK Sales Leader – Clubs and other verticals, said: “Our premium StairClimber turns small steps into giant leaps, enabling operators to stay one step ahead thanks to a range of important benefits. It’s all about our vision to ensure fitness is foremost by providing the best fitness experience possible, whether that’s ease of use for the exerciser, with the largest step surface in the industry or reliability and simplicity for the operator, through features including Dynamic Step Control, an Active Status Light and a maintenance-free driver system based on our proven Elliptical components.”

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