Peloton to begin global expansion in the UK

Peloton, the technology company that allows the public to train live and on-demand with some of the world’s greatest fitness instructors in the comfort and convenience of their own home, is coming to Britain.

Using its revolutionary indoor bike, Peloton beams out 14 daily live – and 8,000 plus on-demand – immersive cycling classes, so users can enjoy the intensity and excitement of sessions run by the world’s best instructors without leaving the house.

In the US the “Peloton Community” is now close to a million strong and takes millions of rides every month.

The instructors have become celebrities in their own right. Head instructor Robin Arzon is so popular, that her indoor cycling class, which was streamed live from the February Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, has attracted a record 35,000 Peloton members, a class big enough to fill London’s Olympic Velodrome five times over.

In Autumn 2018, UK residents will be able to join the phenomenon as the company, which has £300m plus in funding and was recently valued at more than a billion pounds, will ship its bikes internationally for the first time, starting with the UK.

A Peloton bike will be priced at £1,995 for the bike, plus £39.50 per month for the unlimited class subscription, which includes cycling, as well as “beyond the ride” workouts such as stretching and yoga.
Peloton has recently opened its international headquarters in London and plans to open numerous retail showrooms across the capital by the end of 2018. This mirrors the brands US strategy of selling direct-to-consumer through its website, as well as owned retail showrooms.

These showrooms will provide an opportunity for local consumers to physically experience Peloton first hand. In 2019, the company will open a bricks-and-mortar cycling studio in London, its first outside of New York City, where newly recruited elite British instructors will live stream classes to members worldwide.

The move will be yet another crucial moment for Peloton’s explosive growth, increasing the size and breadth of the Peloton community.
The company is planning to expand to additional European markets in 2019.

Leading the global initiative is Managing Director, International, Kevin Cornils, who previously led the entry of world-leader into the UK and European markets and more recently the European expansion of UK-founded Glasses Direct. Cornils joined Peloton in January, to spearhead its global expansion efforts from its new London base.

He said that the UK was the ideal place to lead international expansion, adding: “Over 60 per cent of the $100 plus billion dollar global fitness market is outside of the United States, and the UK is the world’s second largest market.

“We were increasingly hearing from potential customers from the UK who were asking for the bike, so we listened and decided to launch the full offering, including retail showrooms and a local studio, to bring them the same best-in-class experience as we’ve been building out in the US.

“The secret to Peloton’s success is that it is more than just a class, a cycling studio or a bike. It delivers a fully engaging experience which uses technology and convenience to make every workout effective, whilst offering the social connection and community to convert riders into workout addicts.”

“We see enormous potential to disrupt the fitness market in the UK, and beyond and cannot wait to expand the Peloton brand and community globally,” said John Foley, co-founder and CEO of Peloton.”

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