Perkbox joins with Boxx to help businesses promote employee wellbeing with a layer of flexibility

Perkbox, UK’s fastest growing employee benefits platform, has partnered with Boxx, a paid-for subscription service providing world class workouts, for its users to be able to exercise anytime, anywhere, at zero cost.

Figures show that stress, depression and anxiety are increasingly affecting employee wellbeing. This is happening at a time when businesses are striving harder than ever for efficiency and productivity – ‘doing more with less’.

This initiative, which is part of Perkbox’s broader objective of catering the full spectrum of employee wellbeing through its platform: financial, physical and emotional, aims to recognise this.

In this ‘do more with less’ age employees often find it hard to take on other activities outside work, let alone incorporating them into their daily routines. The key to a successful delivery of employee benefits is therefore to provide as much flexibility as possible.

Boxx, which focuses on providing a variety of Boxing, HIIT/Cardio, Strength and Yoga workouts to users, operates wherever you are in the world, so employees can get the best results for their body and mind on the go and at the time that suits them best.

All of the workouts are taught by world class instructors, require little or no equipment, and are available on and offline.

Chieu Cao, co-founder and CMO of Perkbox, said: “The most committed employees try and schedule their workouts during the day – at lunchtime or in the morning before they come in – but, who are we kidding?
“Most of us end up pushing this ‘task’ to the end of our working days or weekends and then lack the motivation to actually make it happen.

“Yet, exercising has the power to boost mental and physical wellbeing in unimaginable ways. It’s a great way to unwind from the stresses of work and as employers we should be doing more to encourage it.
“That’s the idea behind this new partnership – we want to help businesses achieve this.”

Anna Samuels, Co-founder at Boxx, added: “In this increasingly busy world, it’s becoming harder than ever to fit physical exercise into our daily schedules. Yet precisely for this reason, it’s never been more important to stay active so as to counteract stress and improve overall health.

“With this extremely exciting partnership we hope to make exercise more accessible and achievable to employees, boosting the overall mental and physical wellbeing of this powerful community of users that is Perkbox.”

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