Petzl launches helmet campaign

With the release of its new Meteor helmet, Petzl is launching a drive to convince climbers they should wear helmets, whenever and wherever they are climbing.

Many would argue that the climbing world is in a position similar to cycling was 15 years ago, when often cyclists wouldn’t bother with a helmet. Now, it’s unusual to see a biker without a lid. Climbers will routinely wear a helmet for alpine or multi-pitch routes, but less often for sport climbing or single pitch routes where the risk of injury is still high.

Petzl’s #HelmetUp campaign started in March, with a promotional campaign across print and digital media, featuring well-known Petzl athletes such as Nina Caprez and Vivian Bruchez. There is advice on choosing and adjusting a helmet correctly, and how to monitor its condition; the campaign story is at

Martin Bergerud, Country Manager for Petzl UK, said: “While this is obviously an initiative that’s being launched by Petzl, it is an important message for climbers worldwide and we hope as many interested parties as possible can become aligned. In particular, the principle of enhanced protection in helmet design is one that we hope spreads wider across the industry.”

Petzl is also going beyond the requirements of current testing standards by creating helmets that provide more effective protection from side, front and rear impacts. The current standards only measure protection against objects falling from directly above, and at 60 degrees to the side.

Petzl helmets offer enhanced protection against impact directly onto the side, front or rear with supplementary tests performed by Petzl. The Meteor, Sirocco, Boreo and kids-specific Picchu meet the standards for Petzl’s top and side protection. In addition, Petzl’s new Meteor helmet (pictured) and existing SIROCCO are dual-rated for climbing and ski touring.

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