PLAE expands high-performance equipment and flooring solutions

Since its beginning, PLAE has been known globally for innovating premium solutions for customers that demand the best. The company now is adding a new line-up of solutions to its existing arsenal to meet even broader needs.

Brett Waits, president of PLAE, said: “Because we are committed to delivering the best to our customers, we have developed partnerships with companies that are the proven leaders in their fields.

“Through these valuable collaborations, along with our own creativity and expertise, we’re able to create brand new solutions for the industry that wouldn’t be possible on our own.”

Among PLAE’s new solutions:

ROGUE Fitness Collaboration
PLAE has teamed up with ROGUE Fitness, the global leader in performance strength equipment, to provide new custom strength products for training centers worldwide. ROGUE’s 600,000 square-foot facility delivers unmatched capabilities in conception, quality manufacturing and distribution to empower performance.

Scout Lockers
PLAE also has partnered with BeaverFit, the global leader in military and tactical training, to present Scout Lockers exclusively to the athletics and recreation markets. Scout Lockers are mobile training solutions that can be customized for any sport to conveniently expand training and conditioning environments virtually anywhere, such as directly at practice and competition sites.  Built to withstand the outdoor elements, Scout Lockers are always available, anytime and anywhere.

For customers that need to minimize the acoustic footprint of their training space, PLAE introduces Stealth, a subfloor system that is precisely engineered to isolate sound and vibration without compromising performance.

PLAE Outdoors
PLAE’s new Outdoor Division is focused on elite outdoor training surfaces and competition tracks and fields, including the new Ascend premium long pile outdoor turf system that is customized according to infill type, shock pad and base and drainage needs, along with two high-performance track systems, Velocity and Accelerate.

Performance Structures
Backed by more than three years of research and development, the unique Performance Structures are thoughtfully designed for athletics, recreation and everything in between. These fully customizable Performance Structures, which facilitate multiple foundational, natural movements, make outdoor training inspiring, accessible and fun again.

For more details on these new solutions, along with PLAE’s existing lineup, visit

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