Polar Electro Oy has appointed Mr. Sander Werring as its new CEO.

Polar Electro Oy has appointed Mr. Sander Werring as its new CEO. Mr. Werring has previously been responsible for the company’s global sales organization and served as a member of the Polar management team.
“Polar is entering a new phase of growth and with this change, different capabilities and leadership are required. Based on Sander’s previous success, I am confident that he can steer the company towards profitable growth while growing our consumer audience and expanding our brand presence globally,” says Sari Säynäjäkangas, Chairman of the Board of Polar Electro.

“With over 40 years of science and R&D to tap into, I’m very excited to be leading Polar’s next chapter in wearable health and fitness innovation,” says Werring. “And with such a passionate and highly skilled team around the globe, the future has never looked brighter.” According to Werring, what makes Polar a unique player in the market is that it owns and drives every innovation across the entire lifecycle – from initial concept to research, production, launch and continued optimization. With this end-to-end ownership, there is no shortage of creativity and inspiring work in Polar’s future.

“We are always looking for talented individuals from around the globe to join our growing team. Our potential is huge, and people’s interest in their own health and wellbeing is more popular than perhaps ever before,” Werring highlights. “This provides a wonderful opportunity for us to share our brand and products with the world, so that everyone has the support and tools they need on their path towards a healthier lifestyle or peak performance.”

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