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Fitness icon and influencer Pamela Reif has presented an exclusive capsule collection for PUMA.

The collection, designed by Pamela in collaboration with PUMA, is a perfect symbiosis of sport and style and a smooth transition from the gym to everyday.

This is a collection for women who want to feel strong and beautiful during their workouts. A combination of soft and more sustainable materials, strong performance and colours inspired by nature.

The elegant collection is made of athletic pieces, designed in a very fashionable and feminine way with attention to little details, complimenting every body shape. The all-new footwear and apparel styles are inspired by nature and each piece is made to feel light as a feather for the best range of movement. The soft colour palette of coral and teal evokes feelings of brighter days in Autumn.

“When women look in the mirror, I want them to see their own potential. The pieces in this collection should make them feel sophisticated, pretty, and powerful as they push their bodies to get stronger,” said Pamela.

The collection will be available on the European PUMA Online Shop, all PUMA Fullprice Stores and Zalando. Pamela’s Community in Taiwan and Greater China will also be able to get their hands on the collection.

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