Pre-workout brand Bucked Up to introduce new “Bucked Up Endurance” Product Line

Sports nutrition and lifestyle brand Bucked Up has debuted its “Bucked Up Endurance” line, further expanding and diversifying its already robust product portfolio. The expansion will also allow the company to reach a whole new demographic of customers.

The new endurance line features two uniquely-formulated products, Full Bore and Long Range — both aim to increase efficiency and performance in endurance athletes, including cyclists, runners, swimmers, skiers and more.
“As with all of our products, we are committed to providing consumers with the best, most cutting-edge ingredients available in order to help them achieve their health and fitness goals,” said Bucked Up CEO and Co-founder Ryan Gardner. “We did that with our pre-workout, and this is no different. We look forward to seeing customers try the new line of products, so they can experience the benefits first hand.”

Backed by state-of-the-art formulas, Full Bore and Long Range leverage innovative, clinically-proven ingredients to push endurance athletes past their boundaries, allowing them to achieve maximum performance.

Full Bore contains:

• Peak O2 Blend – A combination blend created from mushroom extract used to increase endurance and stamina, fight muscle fatigue and support cardiovascular function

• L-Citrulline + Agmatine Sulfate – Powerful nitric oxide boosters that promote better blood flow to the body, brain and central nervous systems

• Beet Root Extract – A nutrient-rich anti-inflammatory that promotes cardiovascular function and performance

• Betaine Anhydrous – A naturally occurring chemical that supports cellular hydration and function

Long Range includes:

• A precise 0.8:1 ratio of fructose to glucose with electrolytes, including sodium, calcium and potassium, that maximizes fueling and allows athletes to rehydrate their bodies while doing strenuous exercise and long events

• A formulation, including Vitamin C, to support consumers’ immune systems by reducing the number of immune cells lost during exercise

Full Bore and Long Range are now available for purchase at and in Bucked Up brick-and-mortar stores located across Utah and Idaho. Full Bore currently comes in Tropical Punch, while Long Range comes in Blood Raz and Lemon Lime. More Bucked Up endurance-specific products will be available to consumers later in 2023.

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