PrimaLoft expands Active insulation range with growing success of Active Evolve

PrimaLoft, Inc., a global leader in advanced material technology, is experiencing significant traction and enthusiasm for its Active Evolve insulation. This groundbreaking technology, known for its exceptional breathability, moisture management and stretch capabilities, has garnered widespread attention and adoption within the outdoor and lifestyle apparel industry. In response to this growing momentum, PrimaLoft is expanding its product offerings by adding four new Active Evolve styles, reaffirming its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Originally launched in 2018, PrimaLoft® Active Evolve is a line of insulating fabrics that is designed to evolve performance, design, and sustainability. Combining the lightweight warmth of insulation with the breathability of fabric, this technology is developed to perform in a wide range of activities, regardless of intensity or season. From pushing yourself during a cross country ski tour, to working up a sweat hiking to the next peak, PrimaLoft® Active Evolve keeps you in your comfort zone – even when you’re pushing yourself out of it.

Several products in the Active Evolve line can be used as a next-to-skin fabric. This enables brands to forego liner fabrics, which means heat and moisture are more efficiently managed, breathability is supported, and user comfort is maintained. In addition to achieving optimal performance during aerobic activity, this yields a wider utility and year-round use, all while allowing brands to use less overall material when designing a garment, reducing footprint and waste.

PrimaLoft® Active Evolve offers several advantages to designers. It enables them to utilize the full spectrum of color, incorporate unique patterns, and provides greater flexibility in fabric selection. Additionally, Active Evolve eliminates the need for quilting in the design process. Products within the Active Evolve line are made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled content, including three of the four new styles.

“This product series was designed to evolve with you,” states Tara Maurer-Mackay, senior vice president of product strategy at PrimaLoft. “PrimaLoft® Active Evolve’s breathability provides a thermoregulating system that maintains comfort and elevates performance year-round for any activity.”

Last winter, SITKA showcased Active Evolve in their Ambient collection of technical hunting apparel. In developing its three Ambient jacket styles for hunters, including both men and women, SITKA designers were challenged with finding an insulation that was durable, packable, and most importantly, adaptable to changing weather conditions and levels of activity.

“SITKA’s Ambient collection featuring PrimaLoft® Active Evolve is a product that functions very well across a range of pursuits,” says John Barklow, SITKA’s Senior Product Line Manager. “These pieces are highly breathable during aerobic activity and provide critical warmth once you have slowed your pace. The Ambient jacket and hoody are made to move with you and provide comfort across a variety of temperature ranges and activity levels.”

The endurance sports specialist LÖFFLER will integrate PrimaLoft® Active Evolve in their cross-country skiing collection this winter season. The Austrian brand is known for its high-quality clothing combining responsibility, quality, and innovation. As official clothing partner of the Austrian Nordic Ski Teams, their garments need to function on the highest level.

“PrimaLoft Active is particularly suitable for high-level sports clothing where versatile insulation is required,” said Stefan Gögele, head of product management at LÖFFLER. “This material offers the perfect combination of breathability, moisture transport and thermal performance. At the same time, it is wonderfully compressible and also sustainable using recycled content. This makes it an ideal partner for our cross-country skiing, biking, and ski touring jackets.”

With more than a dozen brand adoptions thus far, PrimaLoft® Active Evolve’s adaptability for the user, range of use across activities, and seasonal timing, is quickly making this one of the most versatile products in the PrimaLoft portfolio. For Fall/Winter 2023-2024, key partner brands beside SITKA and Löffler will include CP Company, Eddie Bauer, Endura, Martini Sportswear, OMM, Quiksilver, Ziener and more.

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