Professional cycling pants appear on the 75th Cannes Film Festival red carpet

Actress Kat Graham wearing JELENEW cycling pants with Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture to the closing ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival held at Palais des Festivals on Saturday (May 28) in Cannes, France. She wowed the photographers gathered outside the venue with Jelenew x Stéphane Rolland cycling pants-haute couture dress.

For a while, Kat Graham became the focus of many media reports,and even the well-known fashion media “Harper’s Bazaar” selected Kat Graham as the the best-dressed star at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, and “professional cycling pants on the red carpet” became a hot topic.

What is the professional cycling pants that can be worn on the red carpet?

The haute couture master Stephane Rolland has praised the cycling pants worn by Kat Graham as being in line with the perfect ergonomic effect. Different from general leggings, these are specially designed and developed cycling leggings by Jelenew to improve the health and comfort of women’s cycling.

Jelenew introduces revolutionary 1+1 model outer padded professional cycling pants just for women

Jelenew revolutionarily added the haute couture craftsmanship — couture tailoring skills to the development of professional cycling clothing, inspired by the “Goddess of Victory” in the Louvre Museum, and got creative inspiration from the Spanish 17th-century noble knight pants. A pair of haute couture cycling pants with a feminine feel. The extensive split and patch design make the pants perfectly fit the rider’s body, better support, wrap the muscles, eliminate sports fatigue, and avoid varicose veins in the calf.

Cycling leggings and detachable outer padded cycling shorts are collectively called “1+1 model outer padded cycling pants and shorts”, just like Lego, can be “assembled freely,” remove the outer padded cycling shorts, that is, pants or shorts that can be worn on the street, or even pants that can be worn on the red carpet.This new structure of professional cycling pants” is designed by the American women’s cycling sports brand Jelenew based on women’s differentiated embedded, open physiological structure and the disassembly of the muscle force data during women’s cycling. Compared with the traditional cycling pants designed with the male body as the main body, “1+1 mode external pad cycling pants” is a pair of cycling pants for women. Women’s private parts have extremely high hygiene, quality, and safety requirements. On the one hand, Jelenew’s detachable setting can physically isolate the private parts prone to bacterial infection.

On the other hand, it can be freely detached according to the riding time, which solves the scene limitation problem of different brands of “cycling pads and pants integrated riding pants.” Riders During the cycling break, the padded cycling shorts can be detached to help physical ventilation and quick drying. At the same time, it is also convenient for the rider to enter other leisure places such as cafes, which solves the hot and awkward private parts of traditional cycling pants: private parts bulge, camel toe, and a series of problems.

Cycling shorts with protection pads, using an original 3-stage V-shaped structure, thickened at the ischium and pubic position and vacated at the V-shaped vertex position, focusing on protecting the buttocks and pubic junction of stressed women. It provides more precise support than the traditional structure riding pad, which helps keep the normal blood circulation unobstructed, can relieve or eliminate the physiological discomfort of the perineum, crotch, and legs when women are riding, and bring better comfort to female riders and riding experience. The cycling simulation pressure test carried out by Jelenew technicians with the external cycling pads shows that the pressure test results match the pressure distribution of the cycling force distribution map 100%. The 3D gentle slope and gentle over-design perfectly cover the buttocks, modify the shape of the buttocks, and stay away from the “monkey butt” caused by the rear structure, making them the first professional cycling shorts that can be worn on the street.

The mix and match of Sportswear and haute couture breaks the barriers of technical sports and artistic aesthetics and shows the infinite possibilities of creation in the industry, and interprets the multi-faceted nature of Jelenew professional cycling pants. And Kat Graham is like a superhero who keeps exploring his inner strength, fully releasing fashion and powerful aura. Her outstanding performance highlights Born to be different, which represents Jelenew’s value concept, and is bound to set off a trend of high-definition sports dresses in the fashion circle. As Stephane Rolland said,” there is a word or several words to describe this collaboration between Jelenew, the creative director of Jelenew, and his house, and it is FUTURE because it is an open door which is precisely a very pretty future.”

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