Protein Rebel launches UK’s first maple syrup energy gel

Natural sports nutrition company, Protein Rebel, has launched Maple Ignite – the U.K’s first pure maple syrup energy gel following a successful crowdfunding campaign. Made from a light maple syrup harvested from Canadian maple trees and blended with sea salt, Maple Ignite delivers a sustained energy boost to support endurance exercise such as running and cycling.

“Maple syrup is nature’s performance fuel” says Tim Boote, founder of Protein Rebel. “It’s high in sucrose which provides a balanced and prolonged energy source while being very gentle on the gut.”

Maple syrup is naturally high in carbohydrate and the electrolytes potassium and calcium. By blending the syrup with sea salt, this provides added sodium to replenish salts lost through sweating. Each 36g tube of Maple Ignite provides 24g of carbohydrates, 110mg of sodium, 90mg potassium, 27mg calcium as well as iron, manganese and antioxidants.

As Maple Ignite gels are free from chemicals and don’t contain high levels of fructose and maltodextrin which are commonly used in chemical gels, they’re unlikely to cause any stomach issues.

Boote says, “Many people struggle to digest fructose and maltodextrin-based gels which end up sitting in the gut, causing gastrointestinal upset, accelerating dehydration, and not providing the vital energy needed. By replacing chemicals with all-natural Maple Ignite, the stomach is at very low risk of distress and you can be confident of getting the energy boost you need when your body most needs it.”

Maple syrup is a renewable source of energy as a maple tree is capable of bearing sap for up to 200 years. Plus, maple trees sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with an estimated 100 pounds of carbon dioxide sequestered per gallon of maple syrup. With Maple Ignite’s packaging including a clever tag to keep the top and bottom of the packaging together, this also helps to reduce litter.

“We’re focused on bringing natural sports nutrition products to market that are not only healthier for our bodies, but are also healthier for the planet”, adds Boote.

Maple Ignite has been launched to market following a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw 85 people from across the Globe investing in the concept.

The gels cost £1.99 each from with multibuy discounts available.

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