PTO announce new board members

The Professional Triathletes Organisation have announced that Alistair Brownlee, Paula Findlay, Lionel Sanders and Skye Moench have joined the PTO Board of Directors.

Tim O’Donnell, Co-President of the PTO, said: “It is an exciting time for our sport and great news that athletes like Alistair, Paula, Skye and Lionel, with their wealth of experiences, have agreed to volunteer their time to the mission of the PTO to help the sport of triathlon grow and thrive.”

Two-time Olympic gold medal winner, Alistair Brownlee, said: “I am very pleased to be joining the PTO Board and am grateful for all the work done by the existing board members in establishing the organisation. I look forward to contributing to the vision of the PTO as we seek to support and work with all the stakeholders in the triathlon community.”

Paula Findlay added: “It is an honour to be able to serve as a PTO Board Member, as professionals begin to contribute our collective voice to the sport. While we are only just beginning, there are so many wonderful opportunities to explore.”

Findlay’s Canadian compatriot, Lionel Sanders said: “Really excited about serving on the PTO Board. It is fantastic to have an organisation of our own so that as a group we can support the sport. Triathlon has enriched my life in so many ways, and I know it can do the same for others. I believe the professional side still has a lot of room to grow and have a larger impact on the world. I am excited to work with the other members of the PTO Board on making this a reality.”

Skye Moench, former age-grouper, and now PTO World number ten, added: “Very grateful for the opportunity to serve on the PTO Board. Part of the beauty of our sport is that there is a path from age-grouper to professional, and now with the PTO, there is an opportunity to join forces and serve with athletes who have incredible experience in the sport, including a two-time Olympic gold medallist. There is no sport like ours, and I look forward to preserving and growing this legacy with my fellow PTO members.”

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