PUMA named global top employer in 2024

PUMA has been named a Top Employer globally, in four regions and in 24 countries, underscoring the company’s commitment to provide an attractive workplace for its employees.

The award, which is based on a comprehensive survey of the Top Employers Institute, was given to PUMA in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America and for the first time in Poland and Ukraine. It is the second time PUMA has received this award globally and the fifth time the company has received the award in Europe.

“We are very proud that our efforts were once again recognized and that we became one of only 17 companies to receive the global Top Employer award,” said Dietmar Knoess, Vice President of People and Organization at PUMA. “We will take this result as an inspiration to work even harder to make PUMA a fantastic place to work.”

The Top Employers Institute certifies companies based on a survey, which covers six HR domains and 20 topics including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing and more.

To be an attractive employer, PUMA offers several services and benefits to its employees such as access to a large variety of courses and trainings, free access to a gym and sports courses.

PUMA also helps its employees balance their jobs and private lives with flexible working hours, mobile office, and the option to take up part-time employment or sabbaticals in different stages of their careers. Employees with children have access to special parent-child offices, nursing rooms, daycare spots and summer camps during school holidays.

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