Puma to take over from Nike as official Arsenal kit supplier

Effective from July 1, the partnership represents the biggest deal in Puma and the Premier League club’s histories.

In addition to producing the playing and training kit for all the club’s teams, Puma has acquired wide ranging licensing rights to develop other Arsenal branded merchandise on a global basis.

Bjoern Gulden, chief executive of Puma, says: “Arsenal have been a key strategic target for Puma for a number of years now.

“Through a clear commercial vision, a well defined sports marketing strategy and a relentless enthusiasm within the Puma organisation, we’re proud to have signed this partnership with a truly global football club.

“As we enter a new era in our company history, Arsenal represents a major commercial and marketing opportunity to reinforce Puma’s credibility as a global sports brand and we have full confidence the plans in place to activate this partnership will have a significant global impact.”

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