Rab and Lowe Alpine support 48 young people on Outward Bound residential course

Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd, the owner of outdoor brands Rab and Lowe Alpine, supported 48 young people attend an outdoor course in Wales as part of its partnership with educational charity The Outward Bound Trust.

The partnership between Equip and Outward Bound builds on shared values and desire to introduce even more young people to the outdoors. Working together, the course provides young people with powerful, lasting experiences in nature, whilst educating them on how to act responsibly and sustainably in wild spaces.

Equip supported the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton, Derbyshire (the location of Equip’s headquarters), with a multi-day Outward Bound residential course for 48 pupils in May 2022.
As an important part of the initiative, Equip also offered employees the opportunity to volunteer and become Outward Bound Employee Ambassadors.

One of the chosen ambassadors, Stu Hitcham (Regional Account Manager (North)), spoke about why he wanted to volunteer. He said: “I want to give back to where I started with youth groups and school trips to Outdoor Activity centres. I want to inspire people to be involved in the outdoors and that this can be an avenue for non-academics.”

The Ambassadors, from a variety of roles within the business, threw themselves into the challenges of mentoring the young people and helping them to realise their potential.
During the course, the young people took part in a range of outdoor activities, including gorge walking, canoeing, raft building and cooking outdoors. These activities taught them many new skills which will help them in school and later life, such as communication, resilience, self-belief and working with new people.

Equip Ambassador Bronwyn Benstead (Forecasting and Analytics Manager) said: “Seeing the students grow was amazing. I saw someone transform from the shyest in the group, to leading the charge in an afternoon. Where else can that happen, but the outdoors?”

David Nieper Academy’s Lead Teacher at the course, Bernie Brankin, said: “The time we spent in North Wales was magical. Pupils developed in confidence, their friendships grew stronger as they supported each other through challenges, and we all showed courage to defy our limitations. Every single young person left believing in themselves a bit more than before.”

Equip are now engaged planning next year’s activities with The Outward Bound Trust, working to secure dates and numbers for David Nieper Academy.

For more information on the partnership, visit here

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