Race Pace Training

Preparing to run a marathon, as many people are at this time of year? Take a few moments to consider the advantages of training to the pace of your goal time.

For example, to run a marathon in four hours you will need to average nine minutes per mile for 26 miles. The new breed of speed and distance-based sports monitors will guide you to be training at the right race pace.

For many years, if runners were going to use monitoring technology it would have been heart rate training. There are many different heart rate monitor brands available, including Timex, Cardiosport, Oregon Scientific, SmartHealth and Polar. These would enable you to train at a consistent level of effort according to heart rate exertion, but would not give you an accurate indication of your ultimate potential marathon pace.

With the development of various types of technology, from miniature global positioning technology to sophisticated pedometers using accelerometers, people have the ability to continuously measure running speed. Brands such as Timex Bodylink are now combining both speed and distance with heart rate, so you are able to train with the best of race pace training methods and heart rate zone training.

Make your training for the London Marathon easier with Race Pace Training. To make the most of your marathon experience, you will enjoy it most if you go into the event confident that:

A. You can complete the distance; and
B. You know you can run at the appropriate pace to achieve your goal time for a long period of time

Race pace training does require a little bit of technology – at the most basic level, a sports watch with stopwatch and accurately measured training runs or a speed and distance monitor, which will enable you to run at the appropriate pace on the road or even off-road. Once you are kitted out with this technology, it will guide you through the workout, telling you to increase or decrease intensity. It is almost like having a virtual coach.

Developing a training schedule based on race pace training principles will build consistency and confidence of success into your training. For accomplished racers, it will help to build race pace variation. Get the pace right and the marathon race will be a great experience.

Steve Raven.
ASSIST specialises in the distribution of fitness monitoring technology

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