Raleigh picks up international web design awards

Raleigh, the iconic cycling brand, has been awarded best user experience design, best interface design and best interface innovation by CSS Design Awards (CSSDA).

CSS Design acknowledged Raleigh’s Motus website page for its easy accessibility and well- designed website platform, simplifying the customer journey to help make purchasing an e-bike easier than ever.
CSSDA is an international web design and development platform that works by putting a spotlight on and celebrating those who push the limit of UI, UX, and innovative development across the globe.

Upon designing and building the Raleigh Motus webpage, it was the brand’s ambition to revolutionise the way e-bikes are sold. The page increased accessibility for customers to book a test ride, a factor proven to be one of the key influences in the buying decision process.

The design enabled potential buyers to find a store with complete ease – supporting independent bike shops and connecting people at point of purchase.

The new UI and UX importantly simplified the purchasing process by providing simple, user-friendly explanations of technical products – overcoming the industry issue of a lack of product education.

Elliott Kirk, E-commerce Manager at Raleigh, said: “International recognition by CCSDA is a huge achievement for our digital team and the wider business. The customer journey online and beyond has been a key focus for Raleigh in 2018 and we’re delighted it’s not gone unnoticed.

“It’s important for us as a business to remind ourselves that buying an e-bike is a complex purchase for a lot of customers. Our ongoing aim is to simplify this process through education and connecting people at their local shop – the human touch is still so important.”

Raleigh’s creative website design shows their initiative to get everyone to get out and ride, and their drive to be the leader in the e-bike market.

For more information visit to see Raleigh’s award-winning design and to explore the phenomenon about e-bike and book a test ride of your own.

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