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Under Armour supports and celebrates the worldwide phenomenon of women’s global football with new product innovations, a hero film, and a musical track.

The biggest stage in the world has arrived for female global football players. Every practice, training session, and qualifier has gotten them to this point with their hopes and hard work laid out for everyone to see. The Women’s World Cup not only showcases the best athletes around the globe but provides a well-earned chance for the world to celebrate their success.

At the centre of driving global conversations and social change, these women are bridging gaps, growing the sport, continuously breaking stadium records and the world is watching. With over fifteen professional female footballers on the Under Armour roster, UA is dedicated to providing them the solutions they need to perform at the highest level and keeping them in the spotlight at the top of their game, on and off the pitch.

“Under Armour is constantly striving to win with female athletes. We now have the incredible opportunity to celebrate and support the women who not only protect this house, but bring grit, determination, hard work and dedication to every pitch they step foot on–showing the world exactly what got them there,” said Paul Nugent, SVP of Global Brand Marketing & Category at Under Armour.

Under Armour is debuting two new products specifically designed for women: the Women’s UA Magnetico Elite 3 FG Soccer Cleats and HeatGear® Armour High Sports Bra. The Unisex UA Magnetico has been a favourite amongst footballers for some time now, but after years of listening to feedback from female athletes and studying their biomechanics, female footballers now have a UA cleat that specifically fits and supports a woman’s foot. The Women’s UA Magnetico Elite 3 secures and conforms to an athlete’s heel and forefoot, where women’s feet differ most from men’s. The UA Clone upper adapts and flexes to the foot’s shape and movements for a flawless fit. It also boasts a unique, 3D texture that grips the ball every time an athlete receives it for better ball handling, and studs shaped specifically to relieve pressure and give support so footballers can hit full speed.

The HeatGear® Armour High Sports Bra has the ideal fit for athletes in need of a compression bra that provides unmatched support when going all out. The smooth, adjustable straps lift and secure with a flat hook that never slips or digs, and a mesh back with a large keyhole not only helps athletes stay drier and cooler, but it’s easier to get on and off too. From the studs on the bottom of the cleats to the straps of the sports bra, Under Armour has integrated top technology and athlete insights to make these products perfect for on-pitch battle.

“I’m so proud to be an Under Armour athlete for so many reasons. But towards the very top of that list is the brand’s product innovations and top-notch performance apparel, which are created with athletes’ specific needs in mind,” said Kelley O’Hara.

In addition to the launch of two new product offerings, Under Armour is hyping up the upcoming international rivalries via a hero film and musical track pairing global football sensations Kelley O’Hara and Alex Greenwood with two female music artists–Gavlyn from the United States and Nadia Rose from England. The concept for the film and track was born out of the battle mentality. Kelley and Alex are both outstanding players on powerhouse teams that could very well go to battle against each other in later rounds of the tournament. That battle is mirrored by Gavlyn and Nadia, rap artists from the athletes’ respective countries, as they’re pitted against one another in a musical showdown.

Paying homage to the massive impact music has on sports, culture, and the athlete mentality, the song, Armour Up, narrates the athletes’ stories and motivations, uniting each team and punctuating what it means to come together with the common goal to Protect This House. Similar to Kelley and Alex, Gavlyn and Nadia Rose have worked hard to pave the way for themselves on their journeys to success in a male-dominated industry–putting in the work day in and day out to do what they love. All four athletes and artists featured are passionate about highlighting the wins of other women and have become strong, driving voices in support of female empowerment.

“I’m very grateful to be featured in this film and spread awareness of female empowerment in sports and music. This campaign is about recognizing and celebrating the strength, passion, and grit of female athletes both on and off the pitch. It’s a message that resonates with me deeply and one that I hope inspires the next generation of female football players to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination,” said Alex Greenwood.

To further celebrate women’s global football, UA is also launching digital content that spotlights the journeys of Jayde Riviere, Chloe Logarzo, Emily Fox, and Laura Freigang as they prepare for the main stage. Finally, via an ongoing partnership with Good Sports and the She Who Plays Initiative, UA is helping to combat the gender gap at the grassroots level by donating equipment to sports organizations serving young girls nationwide. Girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys by age 14. By donating 17,796 items to 21 girls-serving organizations and schools, helping 4,819 girls for a total monetary value of almost $500,000, Under Armour is encouraging girls across the country to stay in the game.

All these elements come together as yet another example of how UA is dedicated to winning with female athletes by meeting them where they train, compete, recover and, ultimately, live. As UA’s female global football players are cheered on by the world, they personify what it means to Protect This House by going to battle for their team and their nation both on and off the pitch.

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