• Following a year off, the signature 5-a-side tournament of the Brazilian superstar is returning for its fifth edition
• The world’s biggest five-a-side tournament will hold one UK National Final in London with the World Final being staged later this year
• Neymar Jr has continued to pay the wages of 142 employees at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr despite it being closed due to the pandemic
• The Tournament is open to all men’s, mixed and women’s teams, with sides being able to sign up here:

The Covid-19 pandemic saw much of the sporting world grind to a halt last year, but after professional sport began to resume again in the summer, Neymar Jr has continued to entertain fans across the globe with some sensational performances. But it’s not just on the pitch that Neymar Jr has shone, as the Brazilian has helped to pay the salary of all 142 employees at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr, which is typically the home of the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five World Finals.
After last year’s postponement, the world’s biggest five-a-side tournament, which offers a professional platform for global amateur football players, is back to celebrate its fifth edition. Teams from the UK will be able to register from Saturday 8th May, as they join teams from across the world in embarking on a journey they hope will take them all the way to the World Final later this year.
It’s all change this year as teams from the UK will have one shot at making the World Final. This will see the best ‘ballers’ from around the country descend on Battersea Powerleague in London on 6th June to battle it out – with both a winning men’s and women’s team then heading to the World Final in a bid to outplay them all and be crowned world champions.

Whilst the format remains the same – 10 minutes of intense action, no goalkeepers and teams losing a player every time the opposition scores – the world’s biggest and most exciting five-a-side tournament will be open to a wider group of age ranges, with 18-34-year-olds now being able to enter. Over the past four years more than 400,000 players from 75 countries and six continents have signed up.

In addition to lifting the coveted trophies, the prize for the winning teams will be a mouth-watering match against the Brazilian superstar himself and a hand-picked selection of world-class teammates.
Now it’s time for you to build your very own team of world-beaters and get ready to outplay them all. For more information, visit and sign up your five-a-side team.

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