Red Bull’s Million Mile Commute hits the halfway mark

This July commuters have been encouraged to avoid the tube, trains and buses in a bid to commute a collective one million miles in just one month and the halfway mark has just been passed with just over 500,000 miles logged on Strava.

Commuters have just two weeks left to rack up the remaining 500,000 miles as they are urged to dodge rammed tube carriages, buses, traffic jams and unreliable trains for a much cheaper, greener and healthier way of getting to work.

By signing up to the Red Bull Million Mile Commute at, cyclists and runners throughout the country are urged to collectively rack up a million miles this summer on Strava, and by logging miles you can get various rewards. An on-can promotion (Red Bull Energy Drink & Red Bull Sugarfree 250ml cans) with a limited edition design will also give consumers a 30 days Strava premium access code.

Reaching each distance milestone enters you into the draw for the following prizes:

10 MILES: Limited Edition Strava socks (10 available)
50 MILES: One-year Strava PREMIUM membership (10 available)
100 MILES: Limited Edition Red Bull fridge for your office with a year’s supply of stock (5 available)
250 MILES: MARIN FAIRFAX SC3 2018 bike provided by Cycle Surgery (1 available)

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