Reebok ZigTech ad banned by Advertising Standards Authority

The ASA has banned a marketing leaflet used by Reebok to advertise its ZigTech shoes and apparel.

The advertising watchdog ruled that studies to back up claims for the Celliant fibres contained in the brand’s apparel were not capable of ‘objective substantiation’ and that Reebok had not made clear the product to which the claims referred.

The advertisement featured Lewis Hamilton holding a ZigTech shoe on the front cover, while back-page text stated: ‘ZigTech Apparel is engineered with Celliant fibres. Celliant fibres take energy emitted by the body and recycle it back to the body through the skin…resulting in an increase of oxygen levels on an average of 7%…giving you more energy for sport and life.’

The ASA believed it was not clear which products the claims about Celliant fibres were being made, but in the context of the advert consumers could understand the above claim to mean that wearing ZigTech shoes would increase oxygen levels and result in a noticeable increase in energy, despite the fact they are not made with Celliant fibres.

Reebok accepted the ruling but said it disagreed with it.

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