ReelGOLF changes the on-course experience for everyday golfers

Hole-In-One Media, a sports technology and media production start-up in the golf industry, showcased the first on-course AI-Enabled Video Production system, ReelGOLF, at Barton Creek Country Club in Austin, Texas.

With nearly 400 golfers in attendance at the annual Darrell K. Royal (DKR) member-guest tournament, the patented ReelGOLF media platform delivered near real-time video footage to players over the three-day event. With AI-enabled cameras discretely installed at the tee box and green of a signature Par 3, the cameras worked in concert with one another to produce PGA-inspired videos for each player. Within minutes, the autonomous video production system seamlessly edited and produced each golfer’s shot and delivered it via the free ReelGOLF mobile app.

“I was pleased to see the players’ positive reaction to ReelGOLF during the tournament,” said Mr Imes, founder of HIO Media, Inc. “Technology adoption can take years at DKR, we affirmed the hidden demand to record a golfer’s on-course experience. Greater than half the field used the ReelGOLF platform to record and share never before seen video footage of non-professional golfers.”

ReelGOLF was invented by Imes after playing The Old Course at Saint Andrews, the most hallowed grounds in golf. He wanted a way to preserve that memory. Imes said: “Inspiration happens on The Old Course and ReelGOLF emerged from the fairways, the sand traps, the greens, and the 19th hole, The Jigger Inn.” Imes walked away from The Home of Golf inspired to create a new golf experience for the everyday golfer, the ReelGOLF experience.

ReelGOLF captures on-course play in an easy way. Golfers simply scan a QR code at the tee box to activate the autonomous videography system, and the AI-enabled cameras follow and record players shots. Within minutes, ReelGOLF produces and delivers PGA-inspired videos to golfers as if they are featured on CBS Sports, NBC Sports or The GOLF Channel.
“With its on-course media platform, ReelGOLF is showcasing signature holes for golf courses and changing the way golf is viewed for the everyday golfer”, said Imes, “The greatest stories in golf happen on courses every day. They are just not being seen…until now.”

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