Reinhard Pfeiffer and Stefan Rummel to become co-heads of Messe München in mid-2022

Reinhard Pfeiffer and Stefan Rummel to become co-heads of Messe München in mid-2022

 Early foundation laid for realignment
 Shareholders focus on decisiveness and continuity
 Important signal to business partners and employees
 Praise for the successful work of the entire management team

Messe München is planning to reshape its Board of Management. The company’s shareholders unanimously decided at a recent meeting to appoint Reinhard Pfeiffer and Stefan Rummel as the co-heads of Messe München. As of July 1, 2022, both executives will oversee the business operations of Messe München as sole and equal Managing Directors. At this point Klaus Dittrich, the current Chairman of the Board of Management, will leave the company as planned. “Messe München is an international showcase for Bavaria,” said Hubert Aiwanger, the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs who serves as Chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board and the owners’ meeting. “For this reason, we are putting a new management team into place at an early stage.”

Reinhard Pfeiffer (58) has been a member of the Board of Management of Messe München since 2008 and has served as Deputy CEO since 2014. Stefan Rummel (44) has held a managerial position at Messe München since 2010 and became a member of the Board of Management of Messe München in 2015. Both executives already oversee an extensive share of Messe München’s portfolio. “By further reducing the Board of Management, we are combining the company’s necessary restructuring and crisis management with continuity,” Aiwanger said. “The experienced trade fair managers Pfeiffer and Rummel are deeply rooted in the company and will complement each other perfectly as co-managing directors. This a good and important signal to employees and the business partners of the trade fair company.”

Dieter Reiter, the Lord Mayor of Munich who acts as the Deputy Chairman of the owners’ meeting and Supervisory Board, said: “The Board of Management of Messe München has written a tremendous success story in recent years. By selecting Reinhard Pfeiffer and Stefan Rummel as the new leaders, we are also honoring the successful work that the entire Board of Management performed before and during the pandemic. With the help of a small and decisive Board of Management, we are laying the foundation that will enable us to tackle an array of challenges that await us. Under the leadership of Reinhard Pfeiffer and Stefan Rummel, Messe München will be in the best- possible position to emerge from the crisis stronger than ever.”
Klaus Dittrich will retire in mid-2022 after spending more than 20 years at the company. He joined the Board of Management in 2002 and became CEO at the beginning of 2010. “Klaus Dittrich has done an incredible job over the years and turned Messe München into one of the 10 best trade fair companies in the world,” Aiwanger and Reiter said. “The company’s owners would like to really thank him for his excellent work. We must now build on this success.”
The primary owners of Messe München are the state of Bavaria and the Bavarian state capital of Munich. Other owners are the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, and the Chamber of Trade for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

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