Right Lines Communications prepares to light up PR campaign for WakaWaka

WakaWaka has appointed Right Lines Communications to handle UK public relations for its range of solar panels, solar lights and powerbanks.

Starting immediately, Right Lines will work closely with Mark Flanagan of Outdoor Brands and the WakaWaka head office team to develop outdoor focused PR activity to support the brand in the UK.

WakaWaka is a Dutch-based brand that combines the development and distribution of solar and power products to the outdoor market, with a social enterprise.

The company has supported over 250 humanitarian projects in more than 60 countries and in 2017 alone, has already distributed almost 19,000 products to off grid areas. Since its foundation in 2012, WakaWaka has provided safe and sustainable light and energy sources to over one million people, supporting refugees and others who are living in poverty.

The contributions of WakaWaka have helped boost family and community health, and provided households with longer productive hours for work, study and other essential activities.

WakaWaka was introduced to the UK earlier this year and, through distributors Outdoor Brands and Molzi Ltd, is building its presence in the specialist outdoor and consumer electronics and lifestyle sectors respectively. As well as focusing on the outdoor market, Right Lines will also work with Molzi Ltd to roll out PR activity through mainstream lifestyle and electronics media.

Chris Lines, director of Right Lines Communications, said: “I’ve been hugely impressed by every aspect of the WakaWaka organisation. The company has a wonderful ethical approach to business and while it is already delivering the goods when measured against its brand promise of ‘Share the Sun’, it has ambitions to do so much more.

“Crucially, WakaWaka products are also high quality and deliver excellent performance, and there is huge potential for them in the UK outdoor market. The brand complements Right Lines’ other clients very well and my team is certainly energised at the prospect of working on this project.”

Alexander de Gaay Fortman, European sales manager for WakaWaka, adds: “Right Lines Communications came with an excellent reputation in the outdoor sector and was highly recommended to us as a partner to deliver PR in the UK. WakaWaka has ambitious plans for the market and we have put together a strong team to deliver them. Our investment in PR will play a crucial role in building the profile of the brand among key audiences and will help our sales force and retailers to grow business in the UK.”

Right Lines has now started managing PR for WakaWaka in the UK and can be contacted for product information, test samples and other information relating to the brand.

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