Ross Edgley set for second attempt at the world’s longest continuous swim

Athlete, ultra-marathon runner, ocean swimmer and author, Ross Edgley is announcing a record-breaking challenge that will see him attempt the world’s longest continuous swim.

Ross will take on the gruelling 171km in Lake Trasimeno, Italy, starting on Monday, July 10, 2023, swimming day and night as he attempts to complete one of the most intense swimming challenges ever undertaken.

The announcement follows Ross’s previous attempt at the record in Loch Ness, September 2022, during which he swam 59 hours and approximately 79km before being pulled from the challenge on medical grounds; health concerns relating to cellulitis, caused by a wetsuit rash.

Despite great success in raising awareness for ocean conversation, Ross remains committed to the record attempt and will now head to more temperate waters to capitalise on previous learnings aided by a team of leading experts, including PhD’s Director of Performance Solutions, Professor James Morton.

Nutrition partner, PhD will be documenting the challenge via an emotive content series that dives behind the scenes into Edgley’s gruelling training regime. The series will highlight the critical synergy between science and performance whilst also providing unique insights into the preparation and immense mental fortitude required for a challenge of this scale. Despite the glamourous location and beautiful surroundings of the challenge, much of Ross’s training will be monotonous, comprising of late-night swims, hour after hour combined with rigorous testing.

Challenge Distance: 170km+
Date: 10/07-14/07

Capturing the boundless human spirit shown by Ross in his challenges, his team will also work tirelessly to support in every step of the awe-inspiring challenge. PhD will utilise industry learning expertise and the very best in nutritional innovation to ensure all mental and physical requirements are met throughout the attempt.

Speaking ahead of the challenge, Ross Edgley said: “I learnt a lot of lessons in 2022 at Loch Ness but everything is coming together for me this time round. It’s going to be the toughest thing I’ve done so far but it’s looking positive and feeling great this time around.”

Ross Edgley’s, The Longest Swim is available via PhD’s YouTube channel and on Amazon Prime TV.

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