Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster are KitBrixs new ambassadors

Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster are the new multi-sport and OCR KitBrix ambassadors for 2016/17.

In the lead up to the OCR World Championships in Canada and fresh off the back of their Spartan Race US Series win, KitBrix director Robert Aldous said: “We choose our Ambassadors extremely carefully and we want people associated and representing KitBrix that are, above all, good, honest and hardworking people.

“As a married couple, Ryan and Lindsay are a great team as well as great individual athletes.

“They are positive, charismatic and give every challenge their all.

“Both Ryan and Lindsay represent themselves extremely well with a true love for nature, life and adventure and we are delighted that they have agreed to be part of the KitBrix journey.

“We will be supporting Ryan and Lindsay in their own adventures and keep an eye out for some exciting times ahead as we look to develop the partnership in other ways.”

Atkins lives in Caledon but grew up in Ottawa.

His love for exercise and the outdoors grew from competing on the unicycle trials circuit before starting to race mountain bikes at University.

Progressing to trail running he set on a path of exploration within the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) scene and a few years later was crowned World Toughest Mudder and has been dominant at Elite level with a series of victories and podiums at the Spartan World Championships, Battle Frog Series and the Obstacle Race World Championships.

Aldous added: “The reason we wanted Ryan to be part of KitBrix is that his interests are not just within OCR.

“As a multisport athlete he is the perfect representative of KitBrix.

“Ryan is an adventurer at heart and we want to support his journey going forward across his interests wherever that may lead.”

Ryan Atkins

Atkins said: “I’ve always been fanatical about gear, durability and unique, unconventional design.

“When I first saw the KitBrix, I knew I was looking at more than a bag.

“I’ve been using them for several months and I love the durability and modular aspect of the bags. They just plain work. I’m super stoked to be a KitBrix ambassador and look forward to being involved with the future of this company.”

Lindsay Webster has quickly made a name for herself in the OCR world.

Webster is a racing powerhouse and has a sub 18-minute 5km to her name.

She switched gears from mountain bikes to obstacles and has quickly found her way onto the podium and is one of the top women in the sport today.

Webster has always loved trail running and has competed in cross-country running all her life.

Before high school she competed in figure skating, then transitioned to cross-country skiing.

Lindsay Webster

Webster said: “One of the best things about obstacle course racing is that it’s such a fun sport to train for.

“Ryan and I are able to make training camps out of all sorts of adventures, from hiking the Grand Canyon, to road trips, mountain running along the West Coast of North America.

“Over the past year we’ve had the opportunity to travel overseas multiple times, and compete in OCR in Europe.

“KitBrix has become an essential part of our exploits, from supporting our endeavors to keeping ourselves organized throughout.”

KitBrix is military inspired sports kit for all forms of activity, sport and exercise. Perfect for the demands and rigors of OCR and is also utilised by pro cyclists, triathletes, swimmers and outdoor adventurers. No fuss, just organised kit.

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