Sales soar at Activinstinct

Activinstinct, the fast growing online sports retailer, increased sales by 33 per cent to £11 million in its year ending August 31, with profits up 84 per cent.

The company is forecasting to increase sales by a further 40 per cent and profits by 70 per cent in its current financial year.

Activinstinct says growth will come from existing channels and from the push into international markets, as it aims for overseas sales to overtake domestic revenue within 18 months.

The retailer has already started its drive into European markets through the launch of its first overseas site in France in April, and euro denominated sales now account for 25 per cent of revenue.

Germany will be the company’s next launch, followed by several other European territories in 2012.

“Although the UK has been the bedrock of the company’s performance to date, we now see outstanding prospects right across mainland Europe,” says Mike Thornhill, Activinstinct’s chief executive.

“At the same time, we are looking at moves further afield to follow our European ventures.

“The turbines that will drive our growth for the future will certainly be in international markets.”

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