Salomon and Ciele Athletics team up to create limited edition trail running and road running shoes

Salomon, the global leader in trail running, has collaborated with Canadian running gear specialist Ciele Athletics to create vibrant, limited-edition versions of two Salomon running shoes from the brand’s Spring 2022 range.

These limited-edition styles of the Pulsar Trail Pro shoe and the Phantasm road running shoe are painted with vivid colors and distinctive zebra and cheetah patterns created by Ciele Athletics. Both shoes are set to release on May 12th and feature Energy Blade technology from Salomon, a plate that gives the shoes more responsiveness and allows for a quicker transition.

The Pulsar Trail Pro x Ciele Athletics is wrapped in Ciele Athletics’ distinctive all-over zebra print, designed to represent distance running at an elite level, and presented in their elemental colors: a mashup of fluorescents and an earthy wine and black that throw back to their original 2014 collection. Mismatched toes remind you of the uneven terrain to come.

The Phantasm x Ciele Athletics is covered in Ciele Athletics’ cheetah print, a unique take on the worlds’ fastest land animal and a nod to that elite, all-out state of mind where speed and pace unite and everything else falls away. The black rock cheetah spots seemingly slide away to reveal a molten red, a tip of the hat to Ciele Athletics’ original Red Rocks edition.

On the midsole of both shoes are quotes that implore runners to run their own race every day: “My pace is my pace” and “My speed is my speed.”

“Ciele Athletics is one of the hottest brands in running today,” says Mike Ambrose, Salomon’s Product Line Manager for North America. “They are authentic, imaginative and progressive, and they inspire runners from all over the world. Partnering with them has been a great experience and we’re excited to share creative and innovative ideas going forward.”


An all-new model from Salomon for the Spring 2022 season, the Pulsar Trail Pro brings TPU composite plates to trail running in a shoe that is both responsive and stable. The TPU composite plate, called Energy Blade, is a stiff plate that gives more power to the runner by limiting the energy lost on every stride. Thanks to its decoupled construction, the Pulsar Trail Pro is flexible enough to ensure great stability and comfort. The shoe is also built with Energy Surge foam, a super-springy and comfortable midsole for increased stability. The R.Camber rocker construction speeds up your transition, so you spend less time on the ground and more time moving forward. The combination of these three elements creates the perfect blend of responsiveness, comfort and stability to help you set personal records. Your feet are protected in all the right places thanks to the mudguard on the side and gaiter that keep debris from getting in. A Contagrip MA outsole with an optimized lug geometry delivers optimum grip to keep you steady and safe from slippage, even on fast and gnarly runs. Drop: 6mm.


The new Phantasm road running shoe offers a light, snappy, super smooth ride for mid-foot and forefoot strikers who want to go fast. It features Energy Blade technology in the form of a polyamide and glass fiber plate with a geometric shape that helps forefoot strikers transition quickly from stride to stride. Salomon’s signature R.Camber rocker sole geometry ensures quick transitions, so you spend less time on the ground and more time moving forward. Energy Surge—a lightweight, springy and resilient foam compound—helps power your stride forward and deliver a smooth impact. The upper is made of Matryx material—an ultra-premium, highly durable, mesh-like material that makes it lightweight and super breathable. Drop: 9 mm

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