Scandinavian Outdoor Village To USA

Outdoor recreation is huge in Scandinavia, and outdoor products from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland are very popular, even on foreign markets. Quality, a clean, Scandinavian design and the experience gained from a tough climate are some of the reasons for their success. Now in January, eight of these brands will be marketing themselves jointly in a “Scandinavian Village” at the largest trade show for winter sports and outdoor recreation in the United States – the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver, Colorado.

Hestra, Norrøna, Ecco, Light My Fire, Craft, Bergans, Skhoop and Reima are the companies that will now be jointly betting on the North American market. They represent four of the Nordic countries and all of them intend to grow in the United States. There are obviously lots of positive associations with Scandinavia and the great nature we’re lucky to be surrounded by, says Martin Lien, marketing manager, Norrøna. Our focus is, and always has been, to follow our guiding principles of sustainability, quality function and design to develop what we believe is the greatest outdoor products out there.That’s also our main reason for travelling overseas, as we think there’s a market for what we do and stand for.The Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show is a completely new trade show, or more accurately, it’s a merger of two large trade shows for outdoor recreation and winter sports, which is now being jointly organized. The trade show will take place in Denver, Colorado, from January 25 to 28.

It’s a successful concept when we invest jointly and 1+1 becomes 3, says Sara Wänseth, general secretary for the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG). There are 66 members in total and these eight are now paving the way for more Scandinavian brands in the United States. Interest is huge.

Scandinavian Village is a successful and well-tested concept here in Europe. Immediately after the trade show in the United
States, 39 Scandinavian companies will be exhibiting at ISPO in Munich, Germany.

Hestra is very pleased to be joining the Scandinavian Outdoor Group’s Scandinavian Village this year at the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, said Dino Dardano, President of Hestra in USA. For years we have wanted to see the SOG grow this concept in the US, similar to the village at ISPO. It offers a great opportunity for collaboration between Scandinavian outdoor brands and provides buyers a look at all of our offerings in one place.

For more information:
Sara Wänseth, General Secretary, SOG
+46 70 5628010,

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