Science in Sport (SiS) announce partnership with OGC Nice

Leading global performance nutrition brand Science in Sport (SiS) have announced that they are to be the Performance Solutions Partner of French Professional football club, Olympique Gymnaste Club – most commonly known as OGC Nice.

Côte d’Azur, France-based OGC Nice are widely recognised as one of the original members of first division French football. With regard to the development of the club, particularly on the performance perspective, this new partnership comes at an exciting time and will see the team at Science in Sport taking an integral role in the delivery of the clubs’ performance nutrition strategy.

A trusted partner to over 330 professional athletes and teams globally, this extensive two-year partnership will see the team at Science in Sport working closely with the OGC Nice team, advancing their nutritional strategies and product selection, in the pursuit of optimum performance and recovery.

At the very heart of the partnership is Professor James Morton, Chief Scientific Officer, and the Science in Sport team who are offering the support of individualised fueling strategies for all players, combined with the support and education of the wider team on the importance of nutrition in all aspects of the game. The creation of bespoke products for individual members of the team will also be managed through a very close working relationship with the wider Science in Sport Performance Solutions Team.

“We are delighted to be working with the team at OGC Nice,” said Professor James Morton.

“Through the years we have demonstrated the significance that nutritional strategy has in unlocking an athlete’s performance potential, and have worked with some of the best elite teams and athletes around the world including INEOS Grenadiers. I speak for everyone at SiS when I say how much we are looking forward to our work with the team at OGC Nice, and I am excited to see how an exacting nutritional strategy translates to their results in both training and competition”.

Laurent Bessiere, Director of Performance of OGC Nice, said: “In order to compete against the best in the world, our players need to consistently perform at their very best, and it’s vital that they are able to recover fully for the next game in their schedule. This can be a great challenge, with back-to-back matches happening in busy periods, combined with long hours of travel.

“The support of Science in Sport is set to be an invaluable asset to us, enabling our players to enjoy an individually tailored nutrition approach, with insight into how to best implement this into their routine for the very greatest benefit. We’re very much looking forward to joining forces with the team at Science in Sport, and to work closely with their Performance Solutions team throughout this season and beyond.”

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