Scorching sales for Ruffwear cooling vests as Europe hots up

With temperatures set to climb to as high as 31 degrees this weekend, premium dog gear brand Ruffwear is anticipating a boost in demand across Europe for its cooling gear which is designed to keep dogs cool while not missing out on being outdoors.

With more and more people keen to take their dogs with them wherever they go and record summer temperatures, by August last year, Ruffwear had completely sold out of cooling products.

And with temperatures across Europe soaring and moving across to the UK over the next few days, they are anticipating a similar uplift this year.

Ruffwear’s advice to keep your dog cool and active may sound counter intuitive but the science behind it makes sense.

“It only takes a small increase in temperatures for dogs to overheat so keeping your dog cool and hydrated when out and about in the sun is so important” said Accapi Group Managing Director, Rob Hughes. “Our cooling jackets – the Swamp Cooler, our original cooling vest, and Jet Stream Cooling Vest – use the process of evaporative cooling as a fast and effective way of keeping your dog cool. Because of the way dogs regulate their body temperature, both jackets provide your dog with welcome shelter from the sun while keeping them cool. To activate all the owner needs to do is soak the jackets in water, wring out, zip up and go.
“Dogs also need water, and lots of it, especially in the hot weather so we encourage all dog owners to take a bowl with them everywhere they go. Accessories like the Ruffwear Quencher Clinch Top or Trail Runner Bowl can make it easy to ensure your dog is getting a good, regular drink.”

Veterinary nurse Ami Sawran, whose dog Remy is a big fan of the Ruffwear Float Coat, has witnessed many incidents of overheating in dogs and encourages owners to be vigilant when it comes to pet sun safety, she said: “We have to be sensible about keeping our dogs safe in the heat, so make sure to plan in advance. It’s extremely important for dog owners to understand the severity of dogs overheating and recognise the signs in order to prevent this from happening. All dog breeds are vulnerable to the heat, so it’s also vital to be educated in knowing what to do in the instance and what course of action to take.”

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