Shokz (formerly known as AfterShokz) introduces OpenRun

AfterShokz will be officially re-named as Shokz.

The simplification of the brand name from AfterShokz to Shokz creates a shorter, more powerful word that is easier to remember and share, helping to spread the word and bring the benefits of open-ear listening to more sports enthusiasts.

The new name and logo gives fresh energy and reinforces Shokz commitment to providing the best open-ear listening experience for sports enthusiasts. Shokz have sold over 7 million units of headphones globally, with a 4.6 average score on Amazon. Shokz – Shorter, Snappier, More Shareable. While at first glance it may seem like not much has changed in terms of design every part of the new logo is full of meaning: – Shortening “AfterShokz” to “Shokz”, means that optically the eye will land on the “o” in the middle of the word. – The “o” shows the representation of a sound wave, symbolising Shokz focus on bone conduction technology and acoustics. – The dot that was previously in the centre of the “o” has been removed to better represent open-ear technology.

OpenRun is the latest quick-charge version of flagship model Aeropex, with all the original features loved by users plus a new 10-minute quick-charge function.

Available to buy starting Dec 29th 2021. A 10-minute quick-charge provides 1.5 hours of play time. No more battery anxiety or delaying your training session because you forgot to charge your headphones. And priced at £129.95 it is more affordable compared to the original Aeropex. – Bluetooth 5.1 – 8-Hour Battery Life – Quick-Charge – IP67 Waterproof – Lightweight 26g flexible titanium frame OpenRun is available from the official Shokz store, and on Amazon Benefits of Bone-conduction Sports Headphones Designed for athletes, Shokz bone-conduction headphones, unlike traditional over-ear headphones generate mini vibrations that travel through the cheekbones of the wearer, from transducers placed in front of the ears.

The vibrations go directly to the inner ears and bypass the eardrums. Surrounding noise such as traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and runners can be heard as normal, whilst allowing the wearer the pleasure of music and convenience of calls while taking part in sport.

Shokz are approved for use in major running events and races under the UK Athletics Rules of Competition due to their open-ear safety feature. They are the only brand of bone conduction sports headphones recommended by England Athletics.

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