SIGG launches MyPlanet, the first 100 per cent recycled Aluminium drinks bottle

Ferdinand Sigg opened his first factory in Switzerland in 1908 and the first SIGG aluminium bottles and containers were launched soon after. Today, all SIGG aluminium bottles are still made in the factory in Switzerland and fundamentally little has changed in the last 114 years, until now.

The next step
MyPlanet represents the biggest ever development in the production of SIGG aluminium bottles. For the first time SIGG is now able to use 100% recycled aluminium in the manufacturing of the iconic Traveller bottles. We all know aluminium food containers have been recycled for many years, but these are not suitable for the high pressure manufacturing process used by SIGG (using 700 tonnes of pressure). The availability of high grade aluminium, such as decommissioned high voltage cables and printing plates has allowed SIGG to take this big step forward.

All in on sustainability
At the same time as completely re-inventing the SIGG bottle, there’s been more added. Keen to reduce reliance on plastic, MyPlanet bottles have a screw cap based on renewable raw materials; such as Cellulose, and to underline the sustainable credentials of MyPlanet bottles, the entire range is now certified as Climate Neutral.

Retaining the character
SIGG customers expect quality and performance; MyPlanet is no different. The globally recognised shape remains, the bottles are leak-proof, BPA free and much the same as their predecessors, they are expected to last a lifetime.
SIGG MyPlanet bottles are on sale now and available in 0.6 and 1.0 litre sizes, priced at £17.99 and
£19.99 respectively.

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