Slam Dunk: Sports Direct reignites kids’ passion for PE with mass participation school event

Sports Direct is today launching Sports Slam, a new nationwide initiative putting the participation and excitement back into PE.

From tennis and athletics to invasion and turf games, Sports Slam offers the chance for children up and down the country to discover their new favourite sport. Engaging thousands of schools across the UK, the inspiring campaign aims to empower kids through the power of sport and champion the legend in everyone.

With the number of PE teachers dwindling and investment on the slide, a new study commissioned by Sports Direct has shown a problematic trend emerging amongst primary school children, as three times as many would rather watch a streaming service (48%) than play sport (16%). On top of this, twice as many kids chose playing computer games (56%) over playing sports (27%) when asked to list their favourite pastime.

Worryingly, the research also highlighted that 15% of kids are avoiding PE at least once in a term, with a lack of interest in the sports they currently learn (10%), feeling embarrassed (9%), too much competition (6%), and poor equipment (5%) all considered to be key factors.

In light of the issues raised by the research, Sports Direct is calling on youngsters to put down their controllers and pick up their plimsolls, as they help get kids moving across the country again. Through the Sports Slam initiative, it is hoped that a more active future for the nation’s children can be unlocked and that everyone can experience the playful joy of sport.

Designed with inclusivity, fun and discovery in mind, Sports Slam is aiming to help children find their new favourite sport by providing exciting, playground-friendly twists on classic sports in the current syllabus. Whether it’s shooting hoops, crawling under nets, or serving an ace – each sport will allow kids to try new things and in turn adopt new skills.

Working alongside Puma, Nike, ASICS and Under Armour, participating schools up and down the country will be provided with brand-new equipment across four sports. With each sport different in nature, the initiative will span the breadth of the PE syllabus, with each brand owning one of the four; basketball (Nike), squad games (Under Armour), track and field (Puma) and tennis (ASICS). From today, schools who sign up will also be able to gain access to fun digital resources to help run Sports Slam sessions.

Beckie Stanion, Chief Marketing Officer Sports Direct, said: “We believe that sport empowers everyone to channel their inner legend and that’s exactly what Sports Slam is aiming to achieve.The research highlights a lack of interest in the sports children currently learn and the need for better equipment, two issues we actively address with this new, nationwide initiative.
“In the longer term, our mission is clear. We want to unlock sport for everyone and empower millions of kids up and down the UK to find their passion.”

Sports Direct ambassador and PE teacher, Joe Danquah said: “From experience, I know how important PE is for children – not just physically, but socially and emotionally, too. I’m incredibly passionate about giving all children the right to play sport and that’s why I was so quick to support Sports Direct with this campaign. I’d urge as many schools as possible to sign up so we can get the next generation moving!”

Sports Direct has also created a fun range of lessons per sport together with education experts, allowing for teachers to run lessons as suits them. With there being up to 16 mini games in total, teachers will be able to fit them within current PE lesson timetables, combine them lesson plans in an afternoon, or even put on a whole day of sport discovery.

To register your school to take part in Sports Slam, head to:

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