Slimming World partners with 1FitLife to launch online exercise videos

Slimming World partners with 1FitLife to launch online exercise videos enhancing Body Magic programme

Slimming World, the UK and Ireland’s leading weight management company, has partnered with digital workout specialist, 1FitLife, to create 52 bespoke Body Magic fitness videos to support its group and online members to make being active part of their daily routine.

The move comes after Slimming World’s research showed there was demand for more online resources for members at every stage of being active. The Body Magic content has been designed to support members from true beginners to those wanting ideas about how to build in new ways of being active, and offers resources that are fully accessible.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, Head of Research and Scientific Affairs at Slimming World says: “Slimming World’s Body Magic programme was first launched in our community groups in 2003 as a way to support our members to change their personal perceptions about exercise and activity. The idea was to increase their commitment to getting started, helping them gradually increase how much they move, without telling them what they ‘have’ to do. We offer praise for what they might already be doing, which may be as simple as short walks, gardening and active housework to start with, and then use this as a starting point to build on, until physical activity becomes a habit and part of everyday life. It’s a behavioural support programme, not an exercise programme, that just guides people to do activity.

“During focus groups, we were amazed to discover how many members knew the government’s physical activity targets. However, the clear message from our members was they felt so far away from that goal, in their minds, there was no point even starting, which is why we first introduced the Body Magic programme.”

David Langridge is Managing Director at 1FitLife, which creates online physical activity content for many well-known fitness brands, worked with Slimming World to produce the videos to enhance its Body Magic programme. He says: “We’ve created this content without assuming a baseline fitness or a level of physical literacy from its users. The videos have been filmed in realistic and attainable segments of five, 10 and 15 minutes, so Slimming World’s members can create a routine before building on it, to ensure it becomes a sustainable lifestyle habit.”

Dr Lavin continues: “We chose to work with 1FitLife because we felt we needed to look for a long-term partner with expertise and a track record in creating high-quality activity videos. We’re passionate about inspiring and motivating members to get moving and form new healthy habits by tackling both the physical and mental barriers they may have. We needed a partner that felt as passionately as we did about encouraging people to become more active whilst also being accessible. 1FitLife have created a library of videos with realistic and achievable routines for all of our members, regardless of their ability and fitness.”

Langridge explains: “The tone of voice and the language of our carefully selected instructors is extremely important for Slimming World’s members. The online content ‘feels’ like Slimming World. They’re warm, friendly and reassuring, and range in age from mid-20s into their 70s. Our instructors use simple language, straightforward directives and positive encouragement, especially aimed for people who lack confidence or may never have exercised. And, because it was filmed in a ‘home from home’ environment with the instructors in a ‘living room setting’, it reinforces the narrative that it is relatable and non-threatening.

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