Slow & Steady: Sports Direct launches ‘Fast Enough’- the new podcast for Muslim runners this Ramadan

To help inspire Muslim communities achieve their fitness and sporting goals whilst fasting this Ramadan, Sports Direct has today launched the Fast Enough: Ramadan Running podcast – the perfect pavement pounding companion for Muslim runners throughout the holy month.

Released throughout Ramadan just before sunset to coincide with breaking the fast, the weekly episodes will help runners slow down and reflect, allowing them to explore the spiritual and physical elements of their run. Set to the steady tempo of 120bpm, the backing track will encourage runners to move mindfully and allow them to be at their personal best, rather than beat their personal best.

The series will be hosted by British Taekwondo athlete and breakthrough punditry star of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Lutalo Muhammad. Each episode will feature a different British Muslim guest star, including star founder of “Active Inclusion Network” Haroon Mota, journalist Fadumo Olow, rugby player Zainab Alema and actress Zoha Rahman.

From exercise plans and wellness tips to mental preparation and finding balance, the podcast series will cover a whole host of topics whilst ensuring listeners don’t miss a beat when it comes to navigating Ramadan safely.

The podcast is a continuation of last year’s award-winning campaign ‘Fast & Slow’ which was devised to help Muslims train safely during the holy month, after findings highlighted that a quarter of Muslims train less during Ramadan.
A special live event will also take place later this month at Sports Direct’s Flagship Store in Oxford Street, where members of the public will be invited to learn more about the holy month and immerse themselves within the podcast.

Beckie Stanion, Chief Marketing Officer Sports Direct, said: “We know that training during Ramadan is about listening to the body and making decisions based on wellbeing not records, so that’s why we loved the idea of creating something that could have tangible benefits for the Muslim community. The podcast reflects our ambition to accelerate equality and inclusivity in sport, so we hope this inspires and empowers Muslims to train safely this Ramadan.”

Speaking at the launch of the podcast, Lutalo Muhammad, added: “Knowing first-hand the difficulties associated with training during Ramadan, the concept really appealed to me! It’s so important that you listen to your body and train at a pace you feel comfortable with. I really hope that this podcast helps not only on a practical level with the tips we’ll be providing but on a more inspirational one, too.”

The launch of the podcast coincides with Sports Direct’s spring running campaign, ‘Get Set’, which seeks to provide a fresh perspective on the meaning of ‘fast’ with stories from real runners across the UK. Whether it’s the biker who runs as a way of acing their sport, or the athlete who runs to manage their ADHD – the campaign aims to show it’s more than just PBs and distances covered – it’s about making running accessible for all.

You can now listen to the first episode of Fast Enough: Ramadan Running on Spotify, Apple and other available podcast providers.

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