Social movements, activism and advocacy on the agenda at Beyond Sport United

Beyond Sport United, supported by the major U.S. leagues – MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, and the WNBA – returns on July 27 in New York.

The conference will draw together sports teams, leagues and brands with global development organizations, grassroot practitioners, social movement and campaigning entities, and international sports governing bodies to explore sport’s role in the current socio-political landscape.

The past year has seen rising levels of social activism amid a politically-charged landscape. Athletes, sports teams and rights holders have played a major role in these tumultuous times, using the power of their platform and resources to make public statements, commit to causes, and voice opinions.

Sport has long been a place where activism has thrived. Its influence, its global connectivity, its very nature has the ability to shed light on issues that otherwise struggle to find a voice and that’s why, at this year’s Beyond Sport United, 300 global leaders will convene to discuss what sport’s role is in this ever-changing conversation.

Keynote speakers addressing the agenda include the likes of: Basketball player, activist and human rights campaigner, Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir; Rob Shepardson – Co-Founder and Partner, SS+K; Will Lewis – CEO, Dow Jones & Company; former White House Special Assistant & Counselor to President Clinton and National Security Council Director, Ambassador Miriam Sapiro; Founder & former President of IEG,Lesa Ukman; The Advertising Council’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Anthony Signorelli and the Founder and CEO of It’s a Penalty Campaign, Sarah de Carvalho MBE.

 This year’s theme will explore what sports teams, leagues, and their partners can do to make a difference in the social issues they care about, from campaigning, to lobbying, to taking action on the ground, asking questions including – is their role in movements to take part, to lead, to create or to remain neutral? And what are the benefits and consequences to their organizational objectives as a whole?

Sessions and content will be curated and hosted by the likes of WWE, Football Foundation, Comic Relief, Golden State Warriors, Finsbury, streetfootballworld, It’s a Penalty Campaign, and WBC.
Attending organizations include: Golden State Warriors, Legends, NBA, WNBA, New York Mets, Cleveland Browns, MLB, UNICEF, Unilever, NYU, Finsbury, Laureus, Street Soccer USA, Equinox Fitness, MLS, NHL, Everton Football Club, NFL, MLSE Foundation, Discovery Education, Comic Relief, Protect Our Winters, Sacramento Kings, Qhubeka, Chevron and Women Win.

In addition to a conference program of innovative and engaging community-driven content and thought-leadership discussion, guests from around the world will attend the inspiring Beyond Sport Global Awards at the stunning One World Observatory. The Awards highlight and support the world’s most impactful and innovative projects using sport as a tool for social change and will see over $200,000 handed out in funding and strategic support.

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