Spalding becomes provider for Euroleague Basketball

Spalding is to provide the official basketball for both the Turkish Airlines Euroleague and Eurocup for the next five seasons.

“We are delighted to partner with Euroleague Basketball starting with the 2012-13 season,” says Dan Peterson, president of Spalding International.

“We will work closely together to further develop the game of basketball across Europe.”

Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball’s president and CEO, adds: “We are very excited about our long term agreement with Spalding to meet the challenge of creating an iconic ball that will be a worldwide breakthrough.

“Spalding is a great partner and a leader in the sports industry worldwide, with 136 years of experience in supplying equipment to the top sports in the world.

“Gathering together Spalding, Euroleague Basketball and the top star players of the league in this project is the perfect combination to bring all our fans the best possible ball.”

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