Special offer to create peace of mind and increase footfall to your retail outlet

Purazine UK the Distributors of Microsafe Pharmaceutical grade disinfectant have teamed up with and to help businesses stay free from Covid 19 and open with confidence when lockdown eases.

Lockdown has been tough on all UK businesses. The need for stringent Covid prevention controls becomes more pressing if customers are to be persuaded to flood back to the high street to make up for the last twelve months.

MicroSafe is THE most tested and approved 100% pH balanced disinfectant in the world and is safe around your members, your staff and all equipment and surfaces, it’s 30 second kill time means less downtime allowing you and your clients to have a better, safer day.


Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and other pathogens i.e. Norovirus (Gastro) in 30 seconds – unlike other disinfectants with dwell times of up to 10 minutes.
It’s environmentally friendly and free from toxic / synthetic chemicals and alcohol, and it’s pH neutral, and so can be used whilst people are in the same room.
Effortlessly disinfects a room in seconds by spraying or fumigating a fine mist whilst using a 5 micron machine.
It’s harmless to all; no special handling precautions are required, and no PPE needs to be worn whilst using.
Safe on all surfaces and will not damage equipment.
It’s touch dry in 60 seconds and leaves no harmful residue.
It’s the only product to be certified for use on Boeing and Airbus aircraft (aircraft internal use) and CE, FDA and TGA approved

Special offer to create peace of mind and increase footfall to your retail outlet

All prices are ex VAT and delivery.

Usage: A fine mist should be applied to all surface areas. As a general guide the cost of fogging a 10 x 10 metre room is under 40p when using a Purazine OR Seko 5 micron fogging machine, this cost can increase up to 10X when using other higher micron machines.

Please contact us on for more information.

This Offer includes

PuraFog 5 Corded Fogging Machine Includes

Mains Power Cable
Carry Strap
Instruction Manual

4 X 5L Microsafe machine refill

Please contact us on for more information.

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