Sports Insight Bossy Glossy 20% Discount of the Year.

Bossy Glossy was founded by three sisters with a dream to make nutrient-packed, natural products with minimal environmental impact just perfect for those living healthy, sporty lives. After exercise, especially in the elements, it’s crucial to look after our skin & prevent damage. Bossy Glossy’s range of products is the perfect essential collection for daily life, replenishing skin after sport, or protecting it during outdoor pursuits. Our lip balms are super popular with runners, triathletes and hikers to help protect when out exercising in changing conditions and our body bar is the perfect post-wash moisturizer, which helps enormously with dry skin. We also have CDB and collagen-infused moisturisers for all over body use and hair masks to put goodness back into manes stripped by swimming. Bossy Glossy products are organic and hand-made, empowering you in your everyday active lifestyle.

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